Monterey County deserves a leader with the experience, knowledge, and mindset to lead the Sheriff’s Office into the future. Through collaboration and with the people of Monterey County in mind, I am prepared and excited to navigate the waters that lie ahead for law enforcement and the Sheriff’s Office.


When I was in the second grade, I wrote a paper for school about how I wanted to be a policeman when I grew up. How I wanted to help people and protect people. That paper still hangs in my parents’ house today and still rings true for the reasons why I love this profession.

Letter from Joe, Age 7


As we embark on this campaign, I will dedicate myself to meeting as many voters of Monterey County as possible. I want to hear your concerns, listen to your suggestions, and talk about my experience to earn your respect and support going into this new era of the Sheriff’s Office.

See you on the campaign trail!

Joe Moses


making monterey county safer for everyone

creating the path for stopping the cycle of incarceration

improving community relationships and customer service

preparing our county for natural disaster & keeping you safe & informed

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