Special Operations Teams

As the Special Operations Commander, Joe applied his collaboration and communication skills with a multitude of teams, government entities and private sector groups to come together for a common goal.  Whether it was a multi-jurisdiction SWAT response, the acquisition of an aircraft for the Aero Squadron, or preparing security groups for a special event; Joe knows how to bring a variety of personnel, both volunteer and paid, together and set them on the path to achieving his stated goals. 


Emergency Response Coordination

Joe is an expert in responses to natural and man-made emergencies.  He readily coordinates with Fire personnel, community-based organizations, State and Federal responders, and the affected community to bring order out of chaos and help mitigate the loss of lives and property.  As a respected expert in the field, Joe is often called into service when disaster strikes and strong leadership is called for.  Most notably, Joe was the Incident Commander for the Basin Complex Fire, led the search effort for victims of the Tubbs and Camp fires, and served as Logistics Chief for the Sheriff's Office response to several instances of civil unrest in Monterey County and the San Francisco Bay Area.


Search and Rescue Team

When Joe started with the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team in 1997, it was a small but talented group of rescuers working in our local area. As Joe moved through the ranks, he pushed the Team to new and improved heights of professionalism and capabilities by integrating the volunteer and sworn staff members to work seamlessly to bring an unmatched sense of camaraderie and teamwork in both training and mission execution. Under Joe’s leadership, the Team achieved the international standard of the Mountain Rescue Association and is capable of carrying out searches and rescues in all types of terrain and conditions including snow and ice, desert, or high angle environments. They are deployed throughout the State of California.


Custody Operations Bureau Management

For the past 2 years, Joe has managed a balanced budget of $72 million dollars and approximately 300 employees.  Along the way, he has implemented a new Operations Manual to meet the standards set by the Hernandez Class-Action Lawsuit and ensuing Settlement Agreement. He successfully navigated through two Covid-19 outbreaks using the Incident Command System principles to maintain communication and collaboration with County Health Department, WellPath, and staff at the County Jail. As a Court-Appointed Covid-19 expert stated in his report recently, "...Captain Moses, the command staff, and WellPath should be commended for bringing the outbreak under control and keeping the virus under control in 2020 for almost a year after my first onsite inspection."


JBCT Program

Joe and his command staff coordinated with the Department of State Hospitals, WellPath Medical Group, Monterey County Superior Court, Monterey County Public Defender’s Office and Monterey County District Attorney’s Office to create a Regional Jail-Based Competency Treatment Program in the County Jail. This program allows inmates with severe mental health issues to rapidly enter a treatment environment to balance medication with counseling and programs to stabilize their symptoms and help them process through the Court system more quickly rather than waiting for space to become available at the State Hospitals.