meet joe

Joe Moses joined the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy in 1994 and has dedicated his life to public service. Currently, Joe is the only Captain in the Sheriff's Office. He knows what it takes to deliver quality law enforcement for his community and what it takes to be the next Sheriff.


From a young age, Joe knew that he wanted to help people, and that desire turned into protecting Monterey County daily. He has been a resident of Monterey County for most of his life and has raised his family in this community. 


Joe has served in every Bureau through every promotion – from Deputy to Captain. Along the way, he has learned what it means to manage and lead staff at the Sheriff’s Office to provide the services citizens expect and deserve.

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From top: Joe and wife Inga; Joe and daughter Amber; Joe and son Nathan; Daughter Brittany and family, Joe and son Michael with grandkids

 Joe Moses:  Protecting Monterey County

Joe has earned numerous degrees developing his skills and knowledge, including a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, a Master of Science in Emergency Services Administration, a POST Management Certificate and a Senior Management Institute for Police certificate, to name a few. Improving every aspect of the Sheriff’s Office has been the driving force behind his professional career. These skills have been put to practice on the streets and in the jail, in the Chambers of the Board of Supervisors and in the backcountry of Big Sur with the Search and Rescue Team.


Joe remains committed to developing policies, procedures and programs to create efficient execution of Sheriff's Office duties, including making sure the Sheriff's Office is invested in diversity, equity and inclusion so that the department best reflects the community that it serves.