Monterey County needs a Sheriff who has dedicated his life to protecting our communities — that’s Joe. As Sheriff, Joe's priorities will be:


Focusing on Mental Health

  • Take meaningful action to address the homelessness crisis and substance abuse crisis by developing a Behavioral Health Treatment Center to help keep people in a mental health crisis from ending up in our jail or on our streets.

  • Continue to expand the mental health crisis teams, provide up-to-date crisis intervention and de-escalation training for all deputies, expand the Jail-Based Competency Treatment Program and use the Behavioral Health Treatment Center as a collaborative effort to provide sustainable treatment of those suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues.


Emphasizing collaboration and transparency

Make a paradigm shift in the Sheriff's Office to expand the focus beyond just law enforcement by making sure the service component of the job is brought to the forefront. That will allow the Sheriff's office to expand its role as partners with the community working towards making our County a safer and more fulfilling place to live and work. Transparency is a key component of that partnership. Transparency is the only way to promote effective communication and tear down the silos that too often prevent meaningful progress. What better way is there to improve the lives of Monterey Country residents than by changing the way we think of our duties and focusing more on being a partner in service to the community.


Improving operational efficiency and morale

A focus will be put on evaluating and restructuring the Sheriff’s Office, putting those with the appropriate qualifications in appropriate positions. By analyzing those portions of the Sheriff’s Office that can be staffed by civilians rather than default to sworn deputies filling those roles, we will free up more sworn deputies to be assigned to patrol and the Enforcement Bureau and lead towards a more effective operation. By placing staff in their desired positions, we will naturally increase overall morale and efficiency in the office.